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nTier Softwares Profile

Our objects

In the process of technological revolution, we emerge as an advanced I.T hot spot and as a favored destination for customized software development. Today any innovation is beyond possibility without digital technology. Pragmatically speaking computer exists everywhere starting from a tea stall to a big corporate giant. With the world wide growing scenario of computer dependability, our endeavor to bring effective solutions has gained wide acceptability. A clear perception of growing dependability of the corporate world in the area of information Technology has enabled nTier Softwares to develop programs of specific relevance for the present & the future.

Our organisation

nTier Softwares is one of the leading Solution providers for internet based applications the company has been promoted by some highly experienced professionals dedicated to provide total IT solutions under one roof. It possesses latest and most developed technology gadgets and also skilled personnel to deliver customer friendly customized solutions. nTier Softwares is engaged in providing high quality on-side services for soft ware developments in a very proficient manner and the end users on broad range of hardware & software platforms & most up-to-date technologies within a short span of it’s functioning nTier Softwares has created a strong platform in the IT Sector and has proved as on of the major players in some domestic projects, It was only possible for its dedication & Commitment to ensure best customer satisfaction by delivering quality & timely services in a perfect manner. All rout perfection is the motto of the Company.


To lay Emphasis on Human Values and Customers relationship beyond limit is the Organizational philosophy with nTier Softwares and Technological up gradation & skill updation is the main motto, Effective Communication, transparency, high level integrity & human relation forms the integral part of Corporate culture and it is not only product development but high level relationship development is the core object of the Organization. Team building quest for acquiring innovative ideas, creating new opportunities, meeting challenges, learning by experiencing and moving w2ith sincerity and dedication is a never ending endeavor with nTier Softwares & it forms the key platform of success.

Our vision

  • Maximization of web-based Technologies.
  • Building member loyalty & enhance Customer relationship.
  • Improve programs delivery & Service.
  • Provide focused web-based solutions.
  • Leverage human Capital.
  • Increase market share.

OUR strategies

  • Promote awareness & involvement through programs.
  • Retain existing members & develop cliental base.
  • Attract qualified, dedicated & diverse staff members.
  • Improve business efficiencies & relationship.
  • Integrate brand messaging.
  • Increase site promotion activities.

Quality maintenance

We use trial & tested development methodologies and have strong soft ware testing skills. This ensures that the solutions we develop for you are of the highest quality.

Time schedule

Our experienced Project Manager ensures that every project we undertake is delivered on schedule. We have the infrastructure & the skilled personnel to deliver quality products within shortest possible time frame.

Project size

We can handle projects of any size & Complexity. Even the smallest size projects.

Development plat form

We work primarily on the Windows platform; our team is skilled in almost all major windows based development tools.

Communication skills

We realize clear & effective communication skills which is base for successful completion of software project. We work with efficiency on this aspect & make sure our clients are completely informed about the status of the project at all time.